Wilmington Faith & Values or WilmingtonFAVS is a local non-denominational publication. Among other topics, I write about my time living in Tonga as a Peace Corps volunteer, where I often encountered spiritual and cultural parallels between Southern and Tongan heritage. Since childhood, my experiences with the self-proclaimed religious people have sometimes been hostile and unappealing, but over time I’ve discovered that not all people submerged in their faith are disconnected from everyone else.

Writing samples include:

November 2013

“Holidays versus Christmas, already?” October 2013

“Thou Shalt Not Waste?”  July 2013

“Forgiving Freely, Even Myself” July 2013

COMMENTARY: When it comes to statesman speech, same moral expectations for children and politicians. June 2013

“Healthy Relationships, Not Just Marriage” May 2013

“Just Keep Going” April 2013

“The Temple of Running” February 2013

“The Mastery of Love” February 2013

“Not Worth My Time” January 2013

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