What’s in a Name?

Folks who came out to May 27’s Robert Randolph and the Family Band performance at Throne Theater likely noticed some changes. Randolph played on a newly resurfaced stage; new risers were installed to improve line-of-sight from the balcony; new sound systems and equipment were among the renovations new owner Dr. Damian Brezinski has implemented in recent weeks. “We’re getting to new bathrooms,” Brezinski quips of … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

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Budget Meeting Backlash

Published in encore magazine, May 23, 2017 “One guy said, ‘You probably don’t give a crap what my opinion is…,’” Commissioner Skip Watkins said over the phone, as he quoted a recent voicemail from a constituent. The constituent called in regards to changing the public comment period for the recent budget cuts reflected in New Hanover County’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2017-18. “Close to … Continue reading Budget Meeting Backlash


Published in encore magazine, April 26, 2016 Photo by Anna Mann “Does anyone actually support HB2?” a woman asked her husband as we lined the walls of City Hall on Tues., April 19, as folks packed in like sardines in  a can. They carried signs reading “Repeal HB2,” “Flush HB2” and “First in Flight, Last in Leadership.” More than 200 people were there to “Pack … Continue reading ILM STANDS AGAINST HB2


Published in encore magazine July 12, 2016

“The two shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile show that we are still in a system of racism,” local filmmaker Christopher Everett (“Wilmington on Fire”) says about the two men most recently shot and killed by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. He reflects upon the unimaginable sniper shooting at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, too—one of hundreds, if not thousands, held last Wednesday across the country in response to the murders of Sterling and Castile. Five police officers were killed and several others were injured.


“Tragic events like this are nothing new,” Everett continues. “Black people in America have been victims of this type of police use of deadly force [for years], but now the whole world is seeing it because of cell phone technology and social media. .  . . Films like ‘Out of Darkness’ examine and discuss what has just happened (police use of deadly force).”

“Out of Darkness” is a three-part documentary by director Amadeuz Christ (Δ+) which explores the history of African people, African cultural contributions to the world, and the events that led to issues impacting African-American communities today. Because of the support and reception he had for “Wilmington on Fire” last year, Everett is hosting a screening of “Out of Darkness” at Williston Middle School Auditorium on July 16.