VOCAL PROWESS: Leme Nolan brings her brand of jazz and funk to Tails

Leme Nolan’s 2019 ‘Love with a Ring Attached’ EP can be heard live at her upcoming show at Tails Piano Bar. Courtesy photo

“Music is powerful and can reach billions, no matter the genre,” singer Lemetrius “Leme” Nolan says of her preference for eclectic sounds.

Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor and low-speaking voice offstage: Nolan knows how to belt it out when it comes to entertaining an audience. Her vocal prowess can be traced to her musical foundation in gospel. At 8 years old, she started singing with her family group Trueway Gospel Singers, made up of her mother, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

“I come from a loving family of singers and I’m thankful for that,” she says. “For those who know my mother, they would say I have it honest when it comes to my vocal range.”

Accompanying Nolan on Saturday at Tails Piano Bar will be Adam Fenton (piano) and Nehemy Pierre (drums). They’ll perform Nolan’s latest originals, as well as a variety of old-school classics, new R&B and pop covers—including songs by Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Prince, Tina Turner, New Edition, Alicia Keys, James Brown, Mary J. Blige and more.

“This upcoming performance is going to give you a variety of music you will love,” Nolan promises. “It is a very diverse crowd [at Tails] and I love them. Very fun, classy, upscale, down-to-earth atmosphere.”


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Nolan, Fenton and Pierre have shared the stage only for a little more than three months. Already, their combined talents and chemistry are apparent.

“We have a great time, as always,” she says. “Lee Jamison used to play the piano for me while at Tails but [he] and his lovely wife moved out of state to be closer [to] family. They are missed. Overall, I am grateful for all of the musicians I’ve worked with so far.”

Nolan’s style varies, and includes jazz, gospel, country, funk, soul and R&B. She hones her grasp of each, as heard during her gospel number “Standing in Your Glory” or country track “The Smell of Freedom.” “I don’t just fit into one genre because I love them all,” she adds.

Nolan’s 2019 EP “Love with a Ring Attached,” produced by Antoine Carmichael (a.k.a. Carmichael Musiclover), takes a clear turn with three original funk/R&B songs. The title track’s music video matches the song’s throwback 1970s’ vibe, with aesthetics and dance-hall setting. It has a funky beat meant to get toes tapping and hips swaying.

Nolan is now working with various producers, with a goal to release her full-length album in 2020. One track in the works, “Beautiful,” is about loving the skin you’re in and being confident as the person you are.

“[‘Beautiful’] will be like an anthem of empowerment—motivational, fun, upbeat and more,” she details. “Two other songs I’m working on are called ‘Just Let Me Leave’ and ‘One and Only.’ Towards the end, after writing/recording/etc., I will decide the top seven songs to go on the album.”

Her forthcoming project also will encompass her musical upbringing in the church and represent her familial influence. Her children continue to motivate her to perform and push herself onstage.

“I want to leave a legacy and not just in music,” Nolan muses, “do worldwide tours, help the poor, sick, be an advocate for injustices that occur in this world, spread peace and love. . . . [Family is] reflected in my work because I’m showing them to never give up on your dreams no matter your age, circumstances, etc. I always knew I wanted to sing, but my nerves would get the best of me at times. I had to face my fears and just get on stage and sing.”


Saturday, January 25, 9 p.m.
Tails Piano Bar • 115 S. Front St.
Free ($1 membership fee)

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