ENHANCED DREAMS: Outtake 13 trio play Gravity Records, prep for spring 2020 release

After saying goodnight to Entangled Dreams, the Sanchez twins adopted a drummer and new name, Outtake 13. Courtesy photo


In 2017 encore spoke with twin sister duo Michaela and Annabelle Sanchez of Entangled Dreams about their second full studio album, “Afterthought.” Their goal at the time was to make an impact with their music.

Wanting to move away from session collaborations and find a permanent full band, the two added drummer Calen Barbour and changed their name to Outtake 13 in 2019. Settling in as an alt-rock trio, they recently released their first single “Warrior.” Annabelle wrote the song before this year’s Recovery Rock Festival, held a few weeks ago. Its message of being strong, proud and simply human was adopted to help promote the event’s theme of self-worth and recovery.

“Often times the simple notion life is difficult gets overlooked,” Annabelle says, “and it’s important to recognize everyone struggles, and getting through that is an achievement in and of itself.  . . . The event brought so many people together to unite in the same kind of strength promoted in this song through music and human connection.”

Michaela agrees.

“When people come to our shows, we want the crowd to feel an uplifting and unifying energy,” she says. “I like to say the music is only half of what it truly is and can be without a crowd in front of us. Our fans are tremendously important to us and with this new chapter, already, we have seen incredible support from people who have been listening to Entangled Dreams from the beginning up to brand new listeners and we appreciate each one of them.”



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With Barbour (24), Annabelle and Michaela (turning 19 this month), Outtake 13 is growing and preparing to release a full-length album in spring 2020. Gravity Records will host the band on December 6, and Kyle Lindley will open the show.

With a new moniker and drummer, Outtake 13 comes with distinct new sound and energy. It’s a new chapter in their lives, music and careers overall.

“We will always remember what tremendous experiences we had as Entangled Dreams, and all the strife we overcame and joy we shared,” Annabelle notes. “We believe in this group and the music we are bringing to life more than we ever have before.”

Various bands and sounds have inspired them, but they’re taking on a heavier rock/punk influence than what the sisters brought to Entangled Dreams. “As we continue to create and write new music, you can expect ambiguity within our sound and songwriting, expanding from the indie-rock style,” Michaela says.

A self-described outsider to the music industry, Barbour grew up playing drums before entering kindergarten, and picked up guitar and bass along the way. For years he focused on covering his favorite artists. It wasn’t until 2018 he began focusing on his vocals at open mics and karaoke nights around town, while recording cover songs and writing originals in GarageBand. While he has musician friends, it wasn’t until he met the Sanchez twins a career in music became serious.

“They [have] brought out a confidence in me that allowed me to experience music in a way I’ve always wanted to, taking my musical input into consideration when writing—always giving me praise and lifting me up,” Barbour says. “Their support has made me feel like a real piece of the band.”

Barbour adds unique drive and high energy. Plus, he brings personality and passion, much like the twins. They feed off of each other.

“There’s nothing like playing hard-hitting, energetic music with two genuine, passionate musicians that are as close to you as family,” he says, “and I look forward to growing as a musician and as a person with these two inspiring young women.”

“[Calen] has the same goals and dreams as we did,” Annabelle remembers. “He was on the same page about everything, and looking to make big moves in his life at that time. That afternoon we went to his practice space and one of the first songs we played together was our original song ‘Promise.’”

“Promise” is all about forward thinking: embracing the future, taking chances without fear or doubt.

Positive and relatable messages continue sprouting up in Outtake 13 tunes. While many of their new songs were written prior to Barbour’s arrival, the band has since adopted a new melody, as found in “At the Top of Your Lungs.” Written by Annabelle, it doesn’t shy away from their experimental approach to tempos and darker, heavier sounds married with bright undertones.

“‘At the Top of Your Lungs’ is basically about how we believe you should dream big and reach for your goals even if they seem out of this world,” Annabelle explains, “because life is too short to settle and not dream big. The lyrics discuss how life will knock you down and getting up is the hardest part, yet the most important, and you have to keep that drive no matter what.”

Michaela’s “Dreaming Of The City Lights (In Broad Daylight)” was partly inspired by an audience member who—after a part of her guitar broke at the beginning of the set—walked up to the stage and handed her $100.

“On the bill was written ‘see reverse,’” Michaela tells. “I flipped it over and the other side read ‘Guitar Fund.’ That was one of the nicest things someone could’ve done in that situation. . . . As a writer, I feed off of the little things in life to carry me through creatively and personally. I never spent that hundred dollars. I keep it in a memory box in my closet. The generosity in that moment meant more to me than the currency itself and I wanted to preserve that.”

December 6, 8 p.m.
Gravity Records • 612 Castle St.
Cover: $5

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