What’s in a Name?

Folks who came out to May 27’s Robert Randolph and the Family Band performance at Throne Theater likely noticed some changes. Randolph played on a newly resurfaced stage; new risers were installed to improve line-of-sight from the balcony; new sound systems and equipment were among the renovations new owner Dr. Damian Brezinski has implemented in recent weeks.

“We’re getting to new bathrooms,” Brezinski quips of the latest round of updates. “Our punch list has been long and lustrous, but we haven’t quite done that. We’ve also renovated the upstairs area, which will be dubbed ‘Clio,’ [and] it will be its own separate performance hall.”

Also, as of Tuesday, May 30, the building that has gone through numerous name changes in its two decades—from Jacob’s Run to Metropolis to Hammerjacks to Rox to Brickhouse to Ziggy’s by the Sea and then Throne—will become The Muse, short for The Blue-Eyed Muse.


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