Published in encore magazine, July 12, 2016

“Goonies never say die!” Anyone who can pinpoint that quote should freely read on. All others should go rent, download, stream—whatever the kids do these days—“The Goonies” and come back later.


We all playfully make fun of the ‘80s: the hair, the clothes, the music, the movies (save for “The Goonies” because it’s awesome). But truth be told, it’s the decade to which we tend to pay most homage. At least that’s the idea Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay had with their 2015 record “Astoria.”

“I like an album to have a setting,” he tells. “I find that can inspire songwriting and production choices, artwork and the live show.”

Marianas Trench originated their rock-punk-pop sound in Canada about 15 years ago. Made up of Ramsay, Matt Webb (lead guitar, vocals, piano, keyboards, trombone), Mike Ayley (bass guitar, vocals, trumpet), and Ian Casselman (drums, percussion, backing vocals, sousaphone), the group just started their “SPF 80s” tour.


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