Published in encore magazine, April 26, 2016
Photo by Anna Mann

“Does anyone actually support HB2?” a woman asked her husband as we lined the walls of City Hall on Tues., April 19, as folks packed in like sardines in  a can. They carried signs reading “Repeal HB2,” “Flush HB2” and “First in Flight, Last in Leadership.” More than 200 people were there to “Pack the Chamber” against House Bill 2, which set a statewide definition of classes of people protected from discrimination—excluding members of the LGBT community and citizens with disabilities—strips away anti-discrimination laws set by local municipalities; and prevents a city or county from setting a minimum wage standard for private employers.

Though she wasn’t asking me, I responded, “Just visit Pat McCrory’s Facebook page; supporters of him and his bill are there.” Nevertheless, none of those enthusiasts and HB2 defenders seemed to be at the Wilmington City Council meeting.

The last city council meeting where the chamber was overflowing with Wilmington citizens was July 21. Folks were there to support the passing of R1: Resolution in Opposition to Seismic Testing and Offshore Drilling Activities off of the NC Coast—which it did, unanimously, in a 6-0 vote.


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