An Unexpected Taste of the Bayou:

Marc Broussard
Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
1941 Amphitheater Drive
Gates at 5 p.m., show at 6 p.m.
7/31, $15-$18

MARC-ED FOR ILM SHOW: Broussard performs at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater this weekend, with a free pre-show at Gravity Records at 6 p.m. Courtesy photo.

Probably one of the most oxymoronic of rock personas, Marc Broussard is not what one might expect from the bayou. After his song “Only Everything” was played during the Daytime Emmy Awards, Soap Opera Digest quoted Broussard about what once was his favorite soap, “The Young and the Restless.” He said he’d be thrilled to appear on the show to witness the shenanigans of his favorite character, Victor. Not often an admission of smooth R&B soul-rockers of our time. However, soap opera stardom is not his ambition, “but it sure would be fun,” Broussard jokingly admits.

With a new self-titled album out, representing an assorted style of music, it’s likely fans won’t see him on TV any time soon. Luckily, there is always a stage awaiting his performances of pop, rock and R&B flavor, such as heard on“Home”—soulfully powerful in the vein of Ray Charles—or “Our Big Mistake.”

While recently sitting down for a live-stream forum to fans, Broussard performed old favorites and new hits to anyone logged in to listen, comment and ask the most important questions about his music, family and food preferences—BBQ pork being at the top of the list. We have a feeling he’ll be looking forward to trying some Carolina BBQ in the near future as he descends upon Wilmington’s Greenfield Lake Amphitheater come Sunday.

Pursuing music as a career was a natural progression for Marc Broussard. Starting with a popular Louisiana guitarist, Ted Broussard, also known as “Dad,” and since 2002, Marc, a mere 28, advanced over the course of events and meeting people in “the biz.” It would be easy to picture him alongside veteran players like Bonnie Raitt; however, he has found creative success with producer Jamie Kennedy for his new self-titled album, something which reached outside of the musician’s comfort zone.

“Jamie self-admittedly isn’t the greatest singer,” Broussard explains, “[but] as a producer, his job is to get me to sing with as much emotion as possible. He did and I respect him for that.”

The album includes “Eye on the Prize,” a song inspired long ago by Broussard’s son, when with innocence and conviction, the five-year-old stated he wanted to play for a “working band.” Fast forward to today, and Broussard knows his son gets the song he inspired. “I think he understands a whole lot more than we give him credit for,” he says. “He wants to be on tour with us real bad and practices on his guitar every day.”

As Broussard started to play the song “Cruel” online, fans cheered in type for the heart-wrenching tune. It spawned the question: Of whom is it based on? “I write songs that are based on other people, relationships and my own life,” he clarifies, “and ‘Cruel’ happens to be an example of other people.”

Yet, he doesn’t sit to simply tell the stories around him; he also avoids agendas. The new album cover has Broussard running with an American flag, a photo that may or may not cause audiences to wonder if there is any significance.

“It was a prop from many available that day and the shot looked cool and interesting” Broussard assures. “There’s definitely no underlying message, and I think personally as an artist it’s not my job to be a political guru.”

Listening to Broussard’s voice leads one to wonder from which R&B legend he took notes after. The influences can’t be overlooked. “Definitely Donny Hathaway,” he divulges. “I discovered him at 20 years old. It had such a profound effect on me and it really changed the game.” The bar and expectations of his music became something all the more rich. “I’m definitely critical of what I do and how the music sounds,” he admits, even noting that the criticism which comes with it can be a hard pill to swallow. “We’re not going to please everybody, but the goal is still for people to enjoy the music and have fun.”

Marc Broussard performs at the Greenfield Lake Amphitheater July 31st. Tickets are available at and at Gravity Records for $15 or $18 at the gate. Gravity Records will also host the musician for a free in-store performance at 6 p.m. while opening bands Scars on 45 and Sarah and Christian Dugas warm up the crowd at the amphitheater.

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