There’s No Place Like Home:

The Rosebuds
Brooklyn Arts Center
516 North 4th Street
6/10, 8 p.m. • $10/adv., $12/day of

Rosebuds Wilmington, North Carolina
BUDDING NEW SOUNDS: The Rosebuds kick off their summer tour in Wilmington, in support of their latest album, “Loud Planes Fly Low.” Courtesy photo.

Wilmington has given birth to a plethora of musicians and artists—each of whom grow and develop a unique craft, which they eventually share with the rest of the state, country and even world. But Dorothy said it best:“There’s no place like home.”


The indie-rock duo, The Rosebuds, formed in Wilmington a decade ago, and long since the days of Sunset Park and Firebelly Lounge, the two have produced several eclectic albums with Merge Records. Their latest, “Loud Planes Fly Low,” comes out June 7, and to celebrate its release and their roots, The Rosebuds are coming home to kick off their summer tour.

Both originally from North Carolina, Ivan Howard (vocals/guitar/drums/bass/keyboards/programming) and Kelly Crisp (vocals/keyboard/drums/guitar/accordion) met during their freshman year at UNCW in 2001. Howard says with an undecided major, his interests in academia were gently placed on the back burner for basketball and music.

“Kelly, on the other hand, actually attended class and went on to get her Masters in English from UNCW the week before we started the band!” Howard acknowledges.
In the beginning, they played for themselves and friends in what Howard calls their “little art project.” What started in their living room grew into live shows at Firebelly Lounge (still located next door to the Soapbox in downtown Wilmington) as they continuously developed their craft.

“As a band, our sound is always evolving,” Howard says, “but the spirit about our art project has remained the same. Every time we play a show, no matter what venue and country it is, it’s like we are back in that living room again.”

For someone who isn’t familiar with The Rosebuds, each album ends up representing different styles of music, with some songs being described as aggressive and others as heartbreakingly soulful, all inspired by the band’s surroundings, family, friends and relationships across the world–and at home.

“Loud Planes Fly Low” relives a great deal of emotions from the past and is considered the most honest Rosebuds record since Howard and Crisp began their journey together. They married, parted and reconnected again, and their recent catalog of songs are labeled the riskiest and most rewarding to date. They reveal a story of musicians who have come to terms with their complicated relationship.

Though their style has changed and varied, Howard ensures all songs are written from the same marrow found on each Rosebuds release. More importantly, it’s something they look forward to enhancing on stage.

“Live, the songs breathe their own breath,” Howard says, “and turn into something totally different and, hopefully, meaningful and fun for everyone there, including us.”

The last time The Rosebuds performed in Wilmington was during the “Night of the Furies” tour in 2007. Their current trek with Bon Iver will certainly expose them to a greater fold of fans. However, in their homecoming, The Rosebuds will be the headlining act, with local band Onward, Soldiers opening.

“It’s basically our 10-year anniversary, so I’m just happy to be playing a show for my friends here,” Howard says.

For more information and summer tour dates for The Rosebuds, go to For more information and tickets to the Friday, June 10 show at the BAC, visit Advanced tickets are $10 and only $12 at the door. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

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